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KYAMI OSI | Artist

KiraKira Artistry LLC began in my small, Kyoto apartment in 2012. I am a certified kimono dresser, tsumami zaiku artist, hair stylist and makeup artist with over 10 years experience in the photography field. I am passionate about creating memorable, empowering experiences that bring people's dreams and visions to life. Shoot with us on the Jersey Shore or in New York City!



Full Service Photography Packages

Let us take care of it all. We offer speciality and creative portrait experiences, a full range of services to help bring your vision to life, and a variety of gorgeous products to display your precious memories.



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Kimono Dressing and Rentals

We offer kimono dressing and photography services for special occasions such as weddings, coming of age ceremonies, graduations, shichi-go-san celebrations and summer festivals. We operate within New Jersey and New York City, in collaboration with Kaede Kimono NYC. 

Kimono Styling