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Shichi-Go-San at Shofuso

In collaboration with Shofuso and professional kimono stylist Tamiko Laincz, KKA is offering special rates and services in celebration of Shichi-Go-San! Look below to see a la carte: kimono rentals, photography packages and beauty services.

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Shofuso Photoshoot Packages

In celebration of Shichi-Go-San, we are offering our photography, rental and beauty services at a special price in collaboration with Shofuso; with the same dedication to quality, service and aesthetic that we offer throughout the year.


Our special photoshoot package includes: 5 professionally retouched images*, the corresponding high resolution digital files and a private online gallery. Additional images can be purchased at $25 per image. We also offer optional print products, mementos and keepsakes, which can be ordered after your shoot. If you choose to allow us to share your photos on our website, social media and / or future promotions, you will receive a complimentary commemorative slideshow with your chosen photos in English or Japanese to share with your friends and family.

All of our images are professionally retouched to reflect our signature style and aesthetic. During Shichi-Go-San season, we are also keen to pay attention to and correct issues that may occur throughout the course of the photoshoot in regards to the child’s hair, makeup and kitsuke; which sometimes occur with first time kimono wearers. 



Simple Hair & Makeup: $60

Nihongami & Traditional Makeup: $80


Rentals (30% Off):

Three Year Old Hifu (Vest) Set Rental: $90 → $65

Three Year Old Furisode Set Rental (Convertible): $170 → $120

Five Year Old Kimono Set Rental: $150 → $105

Seven Year Old Kimono Set Rental: $170 → $120

Seven Year Old Maiko Set Rental: $320 (Temple Complex Only) → $225

* Sets include everything you need for your photoshoot including shoes and kanzashi. An assortment of photo props such as temari, fans, chitoseame bags and parasol are also available.

Promotional prices are only valid for sessions booked through Shofuso.


Get your turn in front of the camera! Take a look at our details page to learn more about our individually tailored kimono photoshoot experiences with a certified professional kimono dresser and instructor.


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